Who we are

The role of Sicasov

Sicasov is a cooperative company, whose mission is to manage the intellectual property rights held by plant breeders. For this purpose, Sicasov issues operating licence agreements in their name to producers who market their seed or plants.

In return, Sicasov collects royalties, redistributes these to the breeders and monitors the proper use of the rights granted.

Sicasov also manages and defends biotechnological inventions, processes or brands.

In cases of infringement, the cooperative can also take legal action on behalf of the rights holders. 

Intellectual property and innovation

Plant varieties are protected under various national and international laws. These provisions encourage innovation and creation, thus contributing to the progress of agriculture and food. 

What we do

Sicasov manages most of the protected field crop varieties produced under licence. SICASOV also manages plant varieties of horticultural, fruit, forest, vegetable and floral species.

Sicasov services are available to French and foreign breeders in all territories where their varieties are protected.