For more information, visit the websites of plant product development, supervisory and information bodies. The following list is in alphabetical order.

CTIFL : Centre Technique Interprofessionnel des Fruits et Légumes

ECP-GR : European Cooperative Programme for Crop Ressources Network
European organisation for the collaboration and implementation of programmes for plant resources.

FN3PT : Fédération Nationale des Producteurs de Plants de Pomme de Terre

FranceAgriMer : French National Office for Agricultural and Seafood Products

GEVES : Groupe d'étude et de contrôle des variétés et semences
Organization in charge of the study of varieties for the protection and registration in official catalogues.

SEMAE : French Interprofessional Organisation for Seeds and Plants

INOV : Instance Nationale des Obtentions Végétales

ISF : International Seed Federation

CPVO : Community Plant Variety Office
European agency in charge of the protection of plant varieties at community level.

GMO : Genetically Modified Organism
Website dedicated to transgenic plants, information, documentation, dialogues and regulations.

SOC : Service Officiel de Contrôle et de Certification
Service in charge of seed production certification.

UPOV : Union internationale pour la Protection des Obtentions Végétales
Union in charge of the revisions of the International Convention for the Protection of Plant Varieties and the various application techniques.