Plant breeding

Breeding of new plant varieties meets specific needs:

  •   Adapting plants to the environment in which they are grown (cold, drought, etc.)
  •   Increasing productivity to meet growing food needs
  •   Preserving the environment through the selection of varieties that are naturally resistant to stress and pests
  •   Selecting varieties in order to meet the different agri-food (processing, conservation, etc.) and energy uses
  •   Improving the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of varieties

The improvement of seed and plant varieties is therefore a crucial factor in the performance of agriculture and its sectors; it is also the first link in the food chain.

The creation of new adapted varieties is a major strategic challenge in a constantly and rapidly evolving environment.

Companies involved in varietal breeding invest on average 13% of their turnover in R&D. They contribute to making France one of the world leaders in the seed sector.

As more than 10 years of work and heavy investments are required to create a new variety, it is essential to use appropriate financing methods.