The “Fruit” Commission

Sicasov (Société d’Intérêt Collectif Agricole), a French agricultural collective interest company with international importance, has been created in 1948 by the breeders of field crop varieties to manage the licences granted in their names and collecting the corresponding royalties.

Sicasov also defends the rights of breeders and regularly conducts infringement actions along the entire infringing chain (from production to marketing).

For many crop species (cereals, potatoes, etc.), the actions carried out and the associated communication have led to the establishment of inter-professional agreements, validated by the public authorities, thereby recognising the importance of research and its funding.

Sicasov, present in many countries, notably in Italy, makes its expertise and its networks of experts available to the fruit sector. A Commission recently created for this purpose intervenes whenever counterfeiting of the fruit breeders’ protected varieties is identified.

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