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Our values

A philosophy based on services

SICASOV operates on a fully independent and transparent basis, solely in the interest of plant breeders and owners of intellectual property rights. Consequently, its objectives are limited to the management, control and recovery of intellectual property rights resources, to the exclusion of any commercial operation.

An efficient management

SICASOV keeps on looking for the best way to grant and administer the protected vegetal varieties and the patented plant material between inventors, obtainers and licensees.

A relationship based on trust

Rights owners wishing to entrust SICASOV with managing their rights directly or via an agent, benefit from a custom management. The rights users may ask for all the information they need on how they can get licenses, as well as all the information regarding legal and fiscal matters.



SICASOV manages about 4,700 varieties that belong to more than 150 different species : cereals, oil-crops, fiber-crops, potatoes...



250 public and private members or partners, in France and worldwide, require SICASOV's services to manage their rigths.



SICASOV grants 10,000 license agreements to more than 1,000 companies worldwide and 1,500 sub-licenses every year.